What is SnapCity?

SnapCity is the latest geo-location adventure game built on the blockchain and coming to Android and iOS soon.

View Challenges

View challenges on the map view in the application. You can see your current location and nearby challenges. Click on a challenge to read more information about it, including images and who set the challenge.

Complete Challenges

Go to the location and take a picture. Taking a picture confirms that you went to the location and completing challenges gives you SnapTokens. You can then use these tokens to challenge your friends, the public or redeem them in nearby businesses.

Redeem Tokens

Nearby businesses can advertise on SnapCity by accepting SnapTokens as discount towards their goods and services, we've developed a simple interface for businesses to use to accept SnapTokens, since the tokens conform to the ERC20 protocol they can be stored in most Ethereum wallets.


Use your tokens to challenge your friends or the general public. You are in return rewarded for how popular your challenge was, as determined by the number of entries (for public challenges only). It is very easy to share your challenges on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Race to be the first to complete public challenges around cities. The first to complete a public challenge is the winner of the tokens. Explore your city and the world whilst doing so.


Our Blockchain based solution ensures that tokens are not able to be spent more than once, rewards users for verifying challenges and provides a transparent and decentralised social media game.



  • 17/01/2017 - Project inception

    We decided on the idea and started assembling team members. Our current developers are ex-Google and Palantir developers with experience in Blockchain. See Freddie's GitHub here.

  • 2/04/2017 - Developing ERC20 contracts

    During this time, we experimented with the Ethereum Main Network and developed several other tokens.

  • 2/11/2017 - First business joins SnapCity

    Ripley's Believe it Or Not Amsterdam joined SnapCity and is accepting SnapTokens already through the app. Find out more here.

  • 4/11/2017 - Hackathon with SnapCity

    Demonstrated SnapCity prototype at the AbovoMedia hackathon. Here Egor and Oscar joined the team. Both are really passionate about the idea.

  • MVP released

    The SnapCity is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We are super excited to see what you think of it!

  • 13/01/2018 - SnapCity ICO

    SnapCity will be launching an ICO (as seen on ICODaily here). We will be distributing 50% of all available tokens (100,000,000). Hard limit : 4000 ETH.

  • 13/03/2018 - SnapTokens available on exchanges

    SnapTokens are now available on the popular exchange YoBit!

  • Q1 '18 - Full Europe Launch

    We will be launching the app in Europe, user created challenges will be able to made anywhere, but only businesses in Europe will be able to advertise. We aim to have at least 25,000 users by Q2 '18.

  • Q2 '18 - Global Expansion

    We will then start looking for businesses to join the app worldwide. From here, we aim to grow our user base drastically using social media and advertising.


Total Raised (ETH)

49898.81 ETH

Total Sold (SNPT)

997976.21 SNPT



1,000 ETH
2,500 ETH
4,000 ETH



Founders & Team
Presale & ICO
Bounty Campaign


During the ICO we will have bonuses depending on the amount that you contribute. The details of which can be outlined below.

PRE ICO 0.1 ETH / 1 ETH / 5 ETH 10% / 20% / 25%
ICO START - 01/02/2018 0.1 ETH / 1 ETH / 5 ETH 5% / 10% / 20%
01/02/2018 - 13/02/2018 0.3 ETH / 1 ETH / 5 ETH 5% / 10% / 20%
14/02/2018 - 01/03/2018 0.5 ETH / 2 ETH / 10 ETH 5% / 10% / 20%
01/03/2018 - ICO END 1 ETH / 5 ETH / 20 ETH 5% / 10% / 20%



Daniel Graaf

Director / Developer

BEng Computer Science, Imperial College London, low latency C++ developer for proprietary trading firms and hedge funds across Europe.


Freddie Lindsey

Blockchain Developer

BEng Computer Science, Imperial College London, software development experience at Palantir Technologies, Bachelors thesis on Blockchain and IPFS.


Heiki Riesenkampf


MEng Computer Science, Imperial College London, software development experience at Credit Suisse, Google and CryptoFinance.


Egor Dmitriev


Artificial Intelligence developer and developer of Programming cheat sheets and Pop shows on the Google Play Store.


Oscar van Crimpen

Media and Marketing

Media and marketing experience with several large firms in the Netherlands, as well as music artists for producing music videos.


Danny Montaner

Gaming Advisor

Danny (a.k.a fRoD) is a legend in the gaming community. Danny was a pro Counter Strike player from 2003-2012 and nominated as the eSports player of the year in 2005. His wealth of experience and connections in the field will really help SnapCity achieve it's potential.




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SnapTokens allow users to create challenges on SnapCity. For general users it's mainly for fun, you can challenge your friends to do something crazy. You can also create public challenges that are visible to everyone that is near you. The first person to complete the challenge gets the tokens as a reward and the creator of the challenge is rewarded depending on how popular the challenge was (how many entries there were). Users can also use the tokens as discounts at businesses, businesses can then use the tokens to create public challenges bringing more people to the business.
We consider games such as Pokemon Go to be one of our main competitors. On Pokemon Go businesses would pay $0.99 for a lure to draw Pokemon and hence users to the business's location. Our SnapTokens start at roughly $0.06 and only a fraction of a token is necessary to create a challenge for a business, as such we think as the app becomes more popular and the number of users increases the value of the tokens will definitely go up!
SnapTokens will not currently be available to be used as full payment for items, as such they will only be able to be used as discounts at businesses. From our survey of businesses and attractions across Europe, we found that a considerable percentage of revenues were passed to third-party companies for advertising. The highest figure that we recorded was a large booking company charging 40% commision on ticket sales. Therefore, businesses accepting the tokens can be seen as equivalent to paying the commision but in SnapCity the commision goes back to the user, rather than a third-party. Of course, the business then also has the tokens which can be used to create challenges and further increase their revenues. When SnapTokens become more liquid and are traded on various exchanges we will be offer businesses the opportunity to liquidate their tokens when they recieve into fiat currencies that they are more familiar with.
We are currently in discussion with several exchanges about listing our tokens on them. As of yet, we are unable to tell you exactly which exchanges they are. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know.
The tokens have already been created (contracts have been deployed). As such all you need to do is go to the ICO sale section here, and send your Ethereum to the contract address, add the contract address to your Ethereum wallet and the tokens will be there with 30 seconds.
Dan, Freddie and Heiki are all Imperial College London Alumni in Computer Science achieving First Class Honours degrees. After, Daniel worked as a low latency C++ developer for a proprietary trading firm in Amsterdam. Freddie worked for Palantir Technologies in London and San Francisco as a software developer, and has done several projects on applications of Blockchain techology (including his thesis project, supervised by Blockchain enthusiast Professor William Knottenbelt). Heiki has worked at Google and Credit Suisse as a researcher and developer, primarily working on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain related projects. He was just working at CryptoFinance in Zurich. Egor is a super talented software engineer and is currently helping us build the Android app and the core backend features of the app. Although junior in age, he has developed and delivered several apps to the Google Play Store with 100's of thousands of downloads each. Lastly, Oscar has experience with professional photography, video-production and marketing a vital skill for our business. As a summary, we are all very passionate about the idea and committed to working hard to make SnapCity a success.
Yes! We are hiring people, if you're interested in working as a developer then contact with links to your GitHub repository and relevant projects, if you are interested in other fields then email and we will be happy to review your application.
As a business, it's easy. Either buy SnapTokens in the ICO, wait for them to become available on various exchanges or start accepting them in-store. As a regular user, buy the tokens in the ICO or wait for them to become available on exchanges.


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